Reaching the stage of nirvana in a piece of art

by Tales of 2Timothy1.7

Reaching the stage of nirvana in a piece of art

Art is a powerful instrument. I believe that we humans are much more powerful than we realize. And I think it’s our life mission to find out what it is that we are good at for us to find a way to express ourselves the best and that’s how we become the best version of our selves.

Have you ever looked at a piece of art and you couldn’t find the words to describe how you thought about it? I have that sometimes and I wonder what it is. Not the art but that feeling. That indescribable feeling that you get when words no longer apply and you have the feeling that time has stopped and that for a second you feel the connection with that piece of art even though you can’t put it in words. I think it’s amazing once you can reach that as an artist, because I believe that moment is priceless.

Everyone has its own calling. It can be a major interest in computers which allows you to improve your computer skills and become the next IT genius or great writing skills or be the next big show host thanks to your presentation skills or a great singer or even the next big painter. It’s all hidden inside in each one of us, and as we allow ourselves to pursuit this vocation we develop the greatness in the talents that we were given.

I’m still in a quest to find out which talent was given to me to develop and be the best version of myself. I have some different things that I like but still have to find out which one of these is my real vocation. Like Mark Twain said; there are two important days in your live: the day you were born and the day you find out why.

For those who like music you should listen to “Con Te partiro” from Andrea Bocelli I believe that this is a perfect exemple of how amazing musical art can be.