When everything else goes wrong go left

Have you ever had those times where everything just didn’t go the way you planned? And if that wasn’t hard enough, every time you took a step forward it was like you were brought back two steps backward and over and over again till a point you started to wonder; what is the point in all this?

Well that’s a very recognizable pattern that everyone passes through at least once in their lifetime. And those who want to realize something bigger in life than their own, passes through that stage more than once.

Yesterday I was talking to an old friend about the difficulties he was facing in his work lately. About how his boss wasn’t so supportive anymore, how this colleague wasn’t good enough and the situation at work wasn’t bearable anymore because of this and that. When I was listening I realized that this friend has been telling me about all those people who done him wrong, but in any of this situations was he the one who may have caused the problem. This happens often; when we try to explain our version of events we often put ourselves as victims but seldom as main characters who may have caused the problem. And that’s exactly where we should start from when we see that things are going wrong.  I’ve analyzed this pattern and came up with some simple steps you can use in order to get you out of those situations.

First of all recognize the problem, what is it that is eating you? Don’t just wave it away by blaming this or this person but be responsible and face the fact that at one point you made a wrong decision. Once you’ve recognized what you’ve done wrong, than you almost automatically know how to do it right next time, so you have learned from the situation. Than face the situation, in order to face the situation you will have to humble yourself. If it is someone you have to apologize to or take some steps which will take  away some of your pride, well just do it. Take the step and go out there and face it. Once you have been able to do that you will have to forgive yourself for what you had done, let go of it and move on. Cause keep on thinking about it and reminding yourself of it won’t help you in any way. Just face it, do what you have to do and then move on.

Let me tell you this one thing that everyone knows but tends to forget sometime: Everyone make mistakes. Yes, everyone make mistakes. Even the greatest one among us has made mistakes, huge mistakes but they have learned from it and haven’t let this one mistake define the rest of their lives.

It is easier to pretend that you haven’t made any mistakes, and that there is this force outside of your will which continuously pulls you down. But the truth is, there is none. You are the one responsible for what happens to you and yes, you do make mistakes; but then again you learn from it, pick yourself up, change directions and keep moving forward towards your goal.

Once you’ve realized this than you’ll know that everything you want in life, you can have it and what goes wrong-well you analyze it, learn from it and move forward.