Unconditional love

by Tales of 2Timothy1.7

Recently I had this ‘great idea’ to take some distance from (almost) everyone to figure out some things. I took distance not only from everyone but also from those I’m usually close with. First I thought this was doing me good, but then felt that I was trapped in this – not being able to share anything with any one moment-. So quickly I started to get back in touch with my close ones one by one. It’s only a few days ago that I bumped into this book which showed me that a human being is like the most trees. As a tree needs other trees to collect light and food to let its roots grow so does a human need other humans in order to live fully and grow as an individual.

Yes I know you will say, well I knew this all along. Well I guess most of us know this but we don’t always realize this and put it in practice. Not having the people I needed around me in order to grow made me realize how important those people are in my life.

This leads me to what I wanted to share with you, their unconditional love and acceptance. Even though I was away for a long time, when I was ready to come back they accepted me with open arms and with unconditional love and friendship. People like this are not easy to find and I praise myself lucky to have each one of them. Also I hope to be that kind of a friend for others. So my message to you would be to never underestimate the ones close to you. They are the ones that cheer you up when life beats you down, the ones who keep you grounded when you need to and those who celebrate your achievements when you reach your goals. So look around you and tell yourself how grateful you are to have one or more of those kind of friends.