Life is not a race

by Tales of 2Timothy1.7

It might seem like it, it might feel and even look like it, but your life is not a race.

Not long ago I had this conversation with a friend. I told him how I felt like I was still waiting for a train to come and take me where I need to be while it seemed like most of my friends already have reached their destination. “The joy is really in the journey”, he said. “It might feel like you’re in a race but it’s not. You have to live your life.”

That is what life is about. We often compare ourselves to others, it starts at a very young age but it never really ends. As a kid we often find ourselves wanting the same toys or clothes as our friends and as we grow up we get stuck in that comparing pattern. It’s a challenge to accept that life is not a race but a journey that you have to enjoy on your own pace.

Yes, I know it’s hard to look around you and see that some of your friends have their first and even second child, they are getting married or have that 10 year long relationship. Others bought houses and even started their own business, without forgetting those who confronts you daily on the social media about their good-life of travelling around the world to places where you can only dream about. While you’re still trying to figure out where you want to go.

We have all been there and the most of us are still stuck in that pattern which can make you doubt yourself and the goals you’re working for. But the thing is, life is not a race. Each person has been created differently; each person looks, speaks and thinks differently. Each of us has different features, ears, lips, eyes, nose, hands body types and so on. It’s all different; no man on earth is identically the same as you, so on this basis you can conclude that no man on earth has the exact destination as you do. That’s the reason you shouldn’t compare yourself or your success to others, cause they have a different life purpose then you do.

Also some people rush too fast to get some things just because society has printed in our minds that it is important for us to have. We run trying to get those ‘life’s must haves’ even before we are actually ready for it. Young people settle too fast too soon, with jobs they don’t feel passionate about, in relationships which they use just to impress others… This happens all the time and often leads to a down circle cause ones you start to focus on impressing others instead of yourself you lose the key to your own happiness.

So it is of major importance to enjoy every step of the journey and to give it the time it needs for things to enfold itself. Set your goals and find out who you truly are by achieving those goals. Only then you will build a foundation so strong that you wouldn’t doubt about it because it will overcome every storm. Your outside success will be equal to your inside success and that’s what life is all about.