Surround yourself with the uplifters

Have you ever heard about the saying that you become the sum of the three people you frequent the most? Well that is a massive truth.

Through the course of our lives we meet a numerous number of people. As I always believe, “Every person you meet along the way is there to teach you something”. So you have to be careful with what those people bring into your life. Not everyone you encounter is meant to stay in your life for a long period of time. Some people are there just to bring you a short knowledge which you need in order to pursuit your own path. While others are meant to walk a few miles with you. So you have to make a selection.

Yes, you will now ask: On what do I base my selection; on their appearance, the connections they have or the big amount on their bank account? Well let me tell you that none of these things are important. Instead what you have to focus on is how the person looks into life and how he treats others. Cause that’s what he will bring into your life. I will try to give you a short clear way to make that selection.

When you spend a lot of time with someone who is negative, what I call ‘toxic people’, you will find yourself being intoxicated after a while. By this I mean for e.g. you have a friend with whom whenever you meet, the only thing that keep you guys having a great conversation is,  complaining. With this person you can go hours complaining about the taxes, the high prices the life partners, family, jobs, kids and so on. They like to complain about everyone and everything. These are the types who love to gossip as well, (there exist not only master gossip girls but also master gossip men as well). You may come with great news like being promoted, but at the end of the day, your great news will be covered by all the other negative thoughts you both shared.

So why is this toxic you might ask (I hope you didn’t). But this is toxic because whenever you talk negatively about something or someone this negativity ends up coming back to you. Every time you talk negatively, you attract circumstances which will make you get more of that negativity. While when you talk about positive building thoughts, this will give you positive idea’s which will help you create positive and great things.

So with whom should you spend the most time with? Well with those who have constructive positive thoughts. I call them ‘the up lifters’. These people will always lift you up whenever you’re down. They will try to find a way, thanks to their positivity, to tell you things that will help you hang on there or give you the courage to work and change your current circumstances. So instead of telling you e.g. when you lose your job that “finding a new job will be hard or how will you pay the rent or the prices are getting high…” These up lifters will tell you things like “there are ne w jobs listed every month, you are a fighter and you will be able to find a new job soon…” So instead of breaking you further down and make sure that the little sunshine you had is completely gone, they will help you to see that your sky isn’t that gray after all and lift you up in a way that after your conversation with this people you will find the courage to face whatever is coming your way with the enthusiasm that you will make it.

Let me be clear on the fact that the up lifters can sometimes be negative as well and the intoxicators can be uplifting sometimes. But here it’s about how these people see things and how they approach life most of the time.

So it’s up to you. I’ve given you a rough way to distinguish the people in your life in two groups. Now you can make up for yourself, the three people you frequent the most; are they part of the first group (the intoxicators) or the second group (the up lifters)? Remember that whoever is in your life is there to help you shape and create your world, so whatever they think and how they see things is the kind of world they will help you create. I choose to surround myself with the up lifters and do my best to be one as well. what about you?