Ask for help when you need it

by Tales of 2Timothy1.7

You know each one of us has that little voice inside that always tells us the right things to do. But while growing up we’ve started to ignore that simple wise conscious thinking, and have moved to acting on an ego level. Instead of listening to that inside voice that knows the right path to our destination, we constantly fight it putting our ego upfront.

Well let me first tell you that I am one of those who does it all by herself and try to show to the outside world how I can manage it on my own without needing other peoples help. But sometimes, like with everyone else I have this inside positive conscience who tells me that in order to achieve certain things I need to ask for help. So I believe it is necessary to sometimes just sit down and take the time to see it clear through your thinking process and see where you can use some help. When you manage to listen to yourself, you will be able to find the solutions to those things that you saw as big obstacles so far, and when solutions come, you must act on it.

Solutions don’t come falling from the sky. They are a combination of different elements such as your experience, your education and your entourage. So when you find yourself looking for an answer to a certain problem, all these elements will come together in order to bring you the answer to your question. Sometimes that answer might be clear like, – you should undertake this and this steps- to get this problem solved. But sometimes these elements show you that with what you’ve brought together as knowledge so far isn’t enough and you must seek for help.

Yes, sometimes you try to look for an answer and you just can’t seem to find the answer on your own and your mind tells you to seek for help. When this happens you need to act up on it. Not sit there and try to fight it by trying to get other answers from your limited access of knowledge. We make mistakes because we were weak to make the right decisions or simply because we didn’t know what the right thing to do was. So when you have made a mistake and you are not able to find a solution for yourself, well than my advice to you today is just to seek for help. Ones you are clear and honest with yourself, your limited knowledge will help you by surrounding you with the right people who can help you in the fields where you need help.

I use the term -limited knowledge- in my sentence to underline the fact that even though it has been said that human beings have incredible source of knowledge and wisdom trapped in their brains; none of us can stand up and say that he or she knows it all. We all have great capacity to achieve great things but the only way to be able to do so is to accept that others can help us to reach your goal.

Let me leave you with this example: Do you think that every billionaire out there opens his own bank to run his own money? No they don’t. The most highly ranked people are always surrounded by consultants and advisors who help them with every decision they make, this can be financially, health related or relationship related. So when you feel like you need help don’t fight against it, take it as a great opportunity to learn from others in the fields that they are more experienced in than you are.

Only not so smart people think that they have to do it all by themselves, the greatest among us know that it takes a whole village to raise a king.