The importance of being at the right place

Today I would like to tell you something about the importance of being at the right place.

First let’s take an example in nature. When you have grains; and you throw these grains on a surface of stones; these grains won’t produce any tree. But when you take the same grains and you throw them on a healthy cultivated ground; well after a time it will grow and give you the tree and fruits you wanted. Sometimes by just relocating your plant in your room you can get it to fully bloom.

Just like it is in nature, it is important in life too; to be at the right place. Let’s take for example a poetry writer in the middle of the desert, where people’s only concern is to get water to make it through the day; if you are there and try to make it as a poet, well that might just take a life time as people won’t be amazed by your talent. You may be a very talented writer but that just isn’t the right place for you to live out your passion. If you live in Hawaii and you would like to be a ski teacher well, you will have to move to be able to exercise that…

Just as a swimmer needs to practice his talent at a pool or river; each talented person needs to determine for himself where he needs to be in order to practice his talent fully.

We often see the world as a big bad wolf and are afraid to leave our cities or countries to go for what we truly want. This is because everything seems so familiar where we are and the world out there seems so much harder than it actually is. Just as a bird can fly from one place to another so can each one of us go and live where he feels as the best place for him to be.

We shouldn’t let the four walls where we grew up in determine the rest of our lives. Like the saying: life begins at the end of your comfort zone; it might be sometimes necessary to relocate in order to express yourself fully.

I know, it is a challenge we all deal with. It feels so comfortable to just stay where you are and follow the course of the river instead of determining your own. But I believe that a life not lived fully is a wasted life anyway. Don’t be afraid, go where you the wind takes you and everything else will follow.²