Communication is the strongest currency for each human being – Aksanti-

by Tales of 2Timothy1.7

“Communication is not only important but is actually the key to great achievements.”

Yesterday I was having a conversation with a wonderful friend. We were discussing why some people achieve great things in life and why some don’t. Although the conversation went on to other important themes, the part of communication kept on reasoning in my mind. So I decided to share this with you.

You may or may not know that all men are created equal. But if that’s the case; what makes others reach higher in life then others you may wonder. Well, there are lots of components that are defining for a man’s success. But one of the most important components besides hard work and motivation is the level of communication that this person possess.

There may be a lot of people doing the same thing as you are, but if you are the one who’s able to communicate about it, to share it and present it correctly; you are the one who will reach the big crowd and be able to achieve great things with your talent. While others may have a limited reach simply because they cannot communicate properly.

Communication is not only important but is actually the key to great achievements. Communication is much more than the use of words. Communication is the ability to share your ideas and talents with others. Nowadays there are numerous courses about how to communicate correctly: How to speak in public, how to share your ideas on social media, how to write a business letter or give an interview… But like many people you may think, I’m not working in communication so I have to focus only on my “talent” or job cause that’s what I want to do. But by doing so you don’t realise that, you might be the best in what you do but if there is a low level of communicating, no one will buy the product.

Communication goes way back in history. There was a time when only rich people or people of a certain upbringing were able to read, write or speak in public. During the course of history some population had to use codes or other means of communication to be able to share their ideas because it was forbidden. Communication was and is an important key in a human beings life.

Sometimes we don’t realise it, but there are no days that passes without us using words or other forms of communication such as the sound (radio) or the visual (television).

What I’m trying to tell you is; whatever you decide to do or become in life, there is one thing you will need more than anything else and that is a good level of communication. In a 9-5 job you need communication not only to share your ideas with your colleagues but also to get an upgrade in the company where you’re working. While in self-employment or artistic work you need communication to reach your public and pass on your ideas.

So search for yourself your weak points in communication and get as much information as you can find about that way of communicating. Make sure you study it and reach a good level on those points cause you never know, this might be the reason why you haven’t reached your goals yet.