Time vs Right timing complex

by Tales of 2Timothy1.7

You may read this title and completely find yourself in these words or you might read them and wonder what this is all about. So let me take you to the time vs right timing complex.

Although on my job interviews I always make sure to mention that I’m very patient; when it comes to life I’d rather have it all right here and right now.

When you look to great achievers in life, great icons; you will notice that over the course of their lives; there was a period (let’s say a Long period of time) where they were not yet where they wanted to be but instead lived in sobriety waiting to get the knowledge they needed in order for them to achieve what they were here for.

That’s the thing about life; everyone has to pass through the long-silent-waiting-boulevard before they can achieve what they are meant to achieve. But just like me, you may be patient in different fields but impatient in life. You may want it all to work out right here and right now. This impatience is crucial. It often pushes you to take the wrong decisions and pushing way too soon.

There is a perfect example that nature presents to us when it comes to the time vs right timing complex and it’s called pregnancy. When a woman is pregnant; after a few months she will start to be impatient and wish to give birth right away. But as we all know; a pregnancy should last 9months in order to bring a healthy baby into life. So if for some reasons a woman gives birth way too soon this might give some complications to the process and the baby.

Just in case you might wonder; I’m not suggesting that you should wait 9months to put your ideas into work. What I want you to know is that sometimes we think we are ready but the things we want to do don’t work out the way we want them to. This simply means that you are not ready yet and you need to take a step back and work on yourself first. Learn what it is you still need to learn and evolve to your greater self so that which you want to achieve gets accomplished the correct way. If it doesn’t work out now; it doesn’t mean that you should give up. It simply means that you should work on it a little longer.

The time vs right timing complex is not only applicable in the goals and achievements fields; but it is also applicable in love and relationships. You may think I’m ready for this relationship; let’s do this! But if you haven’t waited long enough you may end up regretting it. So it is necessary to take the time to double check that you’re sure that this is the right timing and right person.
You see when it’s the right timing, the right person will appear. When it is not the right timing; there will be multiple complications that makes it difficult for you to enjoy the relationship. So it is important to ask yourself if this is the right timing. Am I ready for this?

Cause one thing I’ve learned on that field is that, if you’re not ready for a relationship and you jump into it; you will drain the other persons energy and the other way around. Cause you’ll be insecure and lack self-love, confidence and goal orientation; the components you need in order to build up a healthy and steady relationship.

So my message to you today is don’t be afraid to take your time. Don’t let yourself be pushed by your impatience or outside judgements. When your time comes; your blessings will come. Until then keep on working on yourself and improving yourself the best way you can.