Treat your neighbour the way you would like to be treated

by Tales of 2Timothy1.7

Recently I met this wonderful man and in the midst of our conversation he said something about: I just try to treat others the way I would like them to treat me. This struck me. Of course everyone has heard this before, we all know that this is a basic truth that we should all live by but hmmm sometimes; just sometimes we forget about this.

I changed jobs a while ago, and moved to this new place. All the challenges you could possibly imagine crossed my path pretty much at the same time. I felt like a candle ready to blow out; I lost my positive energetic self and my motivation. I had to drag myself to work and back the first few months. This feeling reflected in my behaviour. Not only I treated others poorly but also I attracted people who treated me poorly as well. It took me a long while to finely elevate myself out of that pit and realise what for a negative rollercoaster I was creating for myself. Once I reached that level I started to work on myself, I started actively to look for programs and texts that made me happy or thought me positive things that could help me grow. I even made a selection of only positive music to listen to in order to keep the right mood. I love running so I started back to run which would always get me back in shape emotionally and physically.

During my time of negativity I’ve lost some friends and pushed away so many people. This happened not because everyone else was bad, but because I was dealing with difficult circumstances which I allowed to keep me down for a while.

So today I needed to tell you this in order to make you understand how important it is that you yourself keep the positive spirit. Life will come at you like a big rollercoaster and throw at you things that you’d never think to ever overcome in your life. But while having to deal with these big challenges you have to remember that you shouldn’t let your entourage pay for what you are going through. You have to make the decision that when you will step out that door or pick up that phone that everyone you come in contact with, you will treat them the way you would like to be treated. This means with kindness, love and patience, not with stress or anger. Even though everything else is going astray you have to find a way to get new positive energy every single day. By listening to positive music, by reading positive articles or watching positive funny comedies or motivational speakers. Sometimes it helps if you just take the time to go for a walk outside, or do some healthy relaxing sport, this way your body release the stress and give you a clear line to start over.

It is important that you take the time to do this. Because what you give out is what you get. So make sure that you, yourself are in a positive atmosphere so that those who crosses your path can be positive as well. This is a life long challenge. It’s not something that stops once you’ve mastered it. It is something that will come on and off in your life so it is important that when you feel down and negative you know what to do and how to turn this into positivity right away before this affects you and your entourage. So think for yourself the three things of today that made you truly happy, remember them and make sure to recall on them when you will need them.