We are living in the most wonderful time ever and… it’s getting better and better

by Tales of 2Timothy1.7

I know you might read this first line and think, “What, does she really believe that?” Yes, and I’m going to give you a few points why.

I remember when I was in college one of my teachers saying that we were living in a dreadful time, so much war and all those crazy things happening. Growing up I often heard people referring to old times as the “good old times” that had now far gone.

But today I want to share with you a different view than what the mainstream has given you so far.

I believe that we are living in the most wonderful time that has ever existed. I know that if you tune into the media you will get a view which might be a total opposite of what I’m telling you but just bare with me and I’ll try to give you a few points to state my verdict.

The first reason is technology: Although world wide media has brought new marks such as cyber bullying or the big brother is watching you syndrome on the scene. There are so many great things that we can do thanks to media that we were not able to achieve just a few decades ago.

I have friends living in Australia, LA, Asia, New York and family in Canada, Europe and the deepest parts of Africa and you know what? Every single day I can hear from them, talk to them see how their lives are going and share mine as if we were never apart. This used to be a very expensive process, if someone moved to another country you would say your goodbyes and know that you will never see them again unless they sent a picture or letter by post that would take ages to arrive or if you took the long trip to go and visit them. But none of that now, as you can reach everyone at any time.

Technology has also made it so far that blind people can see, that deaf people can hear. It may be on a basic level but for those suffering it’s a big step forward. Where we were used to get only a brief selection of what others decided would be our 7pm news report now has become a worldwide selection of -just name it and you can receive it-. We can share information from the deepest parts of the world to each other and make each other aware and inform one and other on everything that’s happening.

I could spend the next few days just to give you the innumerable reasons why the increased technology has improved our lives but let me give you other points that I found remarkable as well.

I don’t know if you noticed but people are more able to speak up for themselves and for others. Where people would accept defeat in silence and leave it there, nowadays they stand up and speak up with authority. There is this confidence growing that injustice shouldn’t be accepted silently but that people have to stand up for it. This amaze me. Just a few years ago, people would have pretended that nothing had happened but now there is this collectiveness of speaking out righteousness and this, in so many levels.

What strikes me as well is that there is no longer this one approved way of living your life: Let’s say for example, 15 years ago, there was this unspoken rule of; if you lived in New York you could be anything you wanted to be but if you lived in an other country  you weren’t allowed to dream outside the box. You had to keep yourself conform to the 9 to 5 rule and couldn’t try anything else. While nowadays much more people try to become successful in their passion in a much more broader way than the secure 9 to 5. I’m amazed of all the artistic hairdressers, make up artist, bloggers, vloggers, writers, musicians, painters, photographers, cooks, fashion designers, IT specialists, sport athletes and teachers of all kinds that are out there. Now every field is open for everyone, there is no longer this limitation of you can only be a sport athlete if your father was an athlete as well; or a painter just because you went to art school. People just deliberately break out of the social cultural boxes and express themselves and therefore achieve much greater things than what we could ever predict.

Not only technology and art has brought people together but also transport has made it possible for us to reach for the other corner of the world. Sometimes I take an airplane here, leaving a cold and snowing city to arrive a few hours later in the heart of the rainforest with high exotic temperatures.We can buy food that comes from Brazil, clothes that come from China, cars that come from Germany, computers from the states while shining with pearls that come from Africa.

There are no longer limitations in what we can do. But still some of us don’t see the beauty of what’s opening in front of us but instead drown themselves in negativity of the downside of these improvements. I hope that these few lines give you another perspective of the era in which we are living now. I’m sure you can add a few more lines on the list of greatness that is now available to us. So if someone points out what’s so wrong with the world today; just remember for yourself that there are much more great things in our world today than what we are thought.

Let me end with this note: The more you look for beauty the more you will see it in your everyday life. of