The little big impacts we have on other people’s life:

by Tales of 2Timothy1.7

A friend of mine used to work in a company where he did many hours of overtime. He was one of the best in his job, was well organised, very punctual had great leadership skills, everything you need to run a business But at the time he was working for this company, being miserable and having nothing but complaints.

After hearing him complaining for a few months I told him that the next best logic step for him would be to start his own company. I told him he had all the qualities needed to run a successful business, and having worked in that industry since he was a teenager he knew all there was to know. I told him that I believed he could start his own business, make it successful and find fulfilment in what he does instead of depending on someone else.

A year later he called me and informed me that he was in the process of staring his own business. A few months after that he signed the documents and was owner of a limited company. Now a few years later, he keeps on adding zeros to his pay checks as is collecting the fruits of his own labour.

It all started as an encouragement of something he wanted to do anyway and now it has worked out as a successful business adding new workers to his employee’s team.

Every time someone comes to me with a dream, a wish a vision, a goal I never break it down, I always try to find ways to encourage him to bring it into completion. I believe that when someone conceives a certain dream, wish or goal and has this for a certain amount of time, and it’s a positive building force, a positive goal than we should all encourage that him.

The other side is true as well, you might have a dream, a will or a wish, but after consulting the wrong person, this last can put you off your dreams and hopes and give you all the reasons why things wouldn’t work. People like that you should avoid, as they could stop you from achieving your greatest goals if you depend too much on their approval.

It’s important to know who to share your goals with and who not to.

To the person giving advice;

we should all be careful in giving our opinion to someone else. The impact that our words have on others is bigger than we can imagine right now. Weigh your words and never speak unless it’s to build up the other person and not to break him off. Your words have the power to build or destroy so choose the correct ones and choose to build others up whenever you can.