The Power of showing your vulnerability

by Tales of 2Timothy1.7

Dear Readers, first of all welcome back to my blog. Although I haven’t posted anything in a long while, writing however has been something that I have been doing almost daily.

I love writing. Everyone has a different way to express themselves, some people can express themselves through a painting or through a beautiful intimate dance performance or so many other ways. I often look up to those who can express themselves effortlessly through the spoken word. Because for me there is nothing more challenging then trying to say outload how I feel inside. But luckily I found my safe heaven in writing. If you ask me to express myself on a certain subject I may find it difficult to say the right things but when you give me sometime; I could put the subject on paper in a way that would sometimes even impress myself.

But the thing about sharing your passion with the world is; that you expose your vulnerability to the world. When I started writing I knew nothing about this, I would write and say it all without holding back. It wasn’t until I started truly exposing my vulnerability that expressing my passion started to scare me. I quickly went back into my cocoon of avoiding to share too much out of the fear to be hurt and misunderstood.

But from time to time I felt the need to share my experiences and my findings cause I realised how valuable this is when others share theirs with me. It wasn’t until I heard a speech from Brené Brown about vulnerability that I realised the importance of being afraid but doing it anyway. Brené Brown said and I quote: ‘vulnerability is the birth place of innovation, creativity and change’. When hearing this, those words stroke a chord with me. I realised that the greatest achievers never achieved anything from a place of total confidence. But instead they had to walk the path of uncertainty. And by doing so they were very vulnerable.

Taking a step outside of your comfortzone to achieve something that is different than what you are used to in a day to day life is a big risk and you will never feel 100percent confident doing that. It takes faith, courage and hard work to achieve something outside of your status quo. But if you want to achieve something greater than what you are used to you need to be willing to let go off the shore.