Storms may come but you shall not be shaken

by Tales of 2Timothy1.7

I often have this calm and collected look on my face and try to always be positive, so much so that sometimes people wonder are you not worried about xyz? Although I have my moments of questioning, I have learned to set my eyes on the things above. Is it because I have been through a few storms in my life that I have developed an unshaken attitude or is it because I know Who’s I belong to? It maybe a bit of both. In these uncertain times I thought I’ll share with you how I have learned to cope with the storms in my life and hope that this may help you, if you are going through one yourself.

Calm down First of all before doing anything else you need to take a deep breath. Nope this is not a yoga exercise (I’ve never done yoga). If you are truely panicking, then this might affect your breathing. So take control of your breathing pattern by breathing slowly in & out. You can count in silence from 3 to 5 while doing so. I like to repeat my favourite quotes in silence while doing so, even when my courage has sunk in my shoes, I would remember : I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. This breathing techniek will help you to get more oxygen in the brains to help you think rationally.

Once you can breath properly and think properly you can go to the next phase which is:

Take action:
In whatever is going on, you need to identify what you can do to improve the situation or how to get rid of what is causing discomfort. At times you may not know what to do, in those cases you may need to pray first and ask for guidance. Once you know what to do, you need to take action. Don’t just sit down and worry for days because that won’t help anyone. Instead, take action & do it now.

Once you’ve done all that you can do, you need to pray. In life there are times when you ‘ll have done what you can do but the rest is out of your control. When this is the case humble yourself & pray.
Once you’ve prayed; trust that your times are in His hands and He knows the end from the beginning. Therefore stand still and know that He is who He says He is.

So collect yourself and gather your strength. Know that you were born for such a time as this. You are alive right now because you have in you all that it takes to make it through what is going on in the world right now. Trust me, you got this. Be courageous!