Don’t deminish the true meaning of salvation for earthly distractions

by Tales of 2Timothy1.7

I hope you are doing well and are finding creative ways to keep yourself busy during these days. Considering that I have more time to read than usual I found myself reading more and more of the scriptures these days.

As we celebrated Pesach this week wich marks the end of the Passover, I reminisced about this past Easter.

Recently I came across a story that I never read before, while I have read and heard about a great deal of the stories in the sctiptures, this particular one was brand new for me. The story is the parable of the tenants in Luke 20.9
The story is about a landowner who owned a vineyard. As he was going a broad; he rented the land to farmers and told them to work the land while he was gone. When it came time to harvest from the land, he sent one of his servants to come and collect a part of the profit. But the farmers who were appointed to work on the land refused to give the profit and instead beat the slave and sent him away. Up on hearing this the owner sent an other servant, but the same thing happened over and over. The owner was very dissapointed, he thought maybe when I send my son they will surely listen and give a part of the profit but instead the farmers thought, this is the heir, if we kill him then the land will be ours and so they did. The owner was so dissapointed that eventually he came back and got rid of all those farmers and took back his land give it to others.

This story is a beautiful but yet painful metaphor for the Creator and the people He Created. He allowed us to live in His land while entrusting us to live according to his law. But instead we try to fulfill our own benefits not realising that this place is not ours and even our lives are in his hands. He sent us many messengers to inform us of the good news and get us back on the right path. But many neglect this and others even killed the Son.

According to the scriptures we are given the last chance now to turn our lives around. As Matthew 24.7-8 says this is not the end but the beginning of the birth pains.
I don’t know about you but I felt this past Easter Sunday being more powerful than usual. While normally we would spend it in overcrowded churches, spending more time on observing who-what-wear then on the message being shared on this special day. This time non of us was subjected to that kind of earthly distraction. Instead all of us tried in a way or form to understand the meaning of the cross and what the resurrection truly means for us. You see hearing about lives being taken all around you makes you hold on to the hope that resurrection truly means redemption and forgiveness from the sin and maybe also that everlasting life that the scriptures talks about.
While most of the time we’ll fly right through Easter between the stuffed dinners and filled bunnies, now for once we had the chance to stand still. About those filled bunnies, who came up with that anyway?
You see I love chocolate and rabbits are cute, infact it makes my day when I see one , but please do not trade your salvation for a handful of chocolate. But that is exactly what’s been happening every year.

Let me give you an illustration which might be useful to help you understand what I mean. Let’s take the 4th of July, this date means for the US the independence day. So the entire country will celebrate with barbecue, fireworks, parties and so on which is great; but don’t be fooled everyone celebrating knows that they are celebrating the independence of the United States and not a piece of meat on a grill or the party itself or the fireworks or other things. All of that is great, but at each celebration the true meaning of the celebration is underlined.

Why is it with us believers that we have become lukewarm when it comes to stand bold on the meaning of Good Friday or the meaning of Easter or Pesach? We are quick to dress up in bunnies and let our kids hunt for chocolates without sitting them down and sharing the true meaning of salvation and faith. We, true believers have traded our faith for a handful of chocolate, because year after year we became more silent about what saved us and what may save those around us.

My message to you today is don’t deminish the true meaning of salvation for earthly distractions. We need to remember that Easter signifies life after death through Jesus Christ, and as
the scriptures says those who call up on the name of the Lord will not perish but have everlasting life, John 3.16. We need to take a moment and say Thank you because although “thousand fell at our side and ten thousands at our right , none of it came near us”, Psalm 91.7 and we were kept, saved and given a new chance to life, let this life not be filled with earthly distractions but be a life filled with true meaning.