Inequality creates imbalance, Equality creates perfect balance.

by Tales of 2Timothy1.7

It is important for each one of us to hold the racial conversation.
When I was young I guinuinely believed that racisme didn’t exist. I thought that if you worked hard enough you would get where you want to be and to a certain point it is the case. But that doesn’t take the fact that this is made much more difficult for a certain group of people simply because of malecious thinking towards the difference in the pigmentation of their skin.

Although I encourage those walking the streets to make us aware of this crisis. I think the issue to be addressed is much deeper and marching will do little to this fundamental systematic stigmatisation.

It is important that we address this issue on all levels. Including the employment and different industries. I was saddened to witness that companies would systematically pay POC less than they pay others. This inequality creates an economical difference that forms a lamentation for the group affected. You see the black people who are often being paid less than their peers, often more educated, will have to take care of their families with less pay than their peers, will have to pay housing and other expenses with an income that is inferior to their peers wich eventually creates an imbalance in the economy and society. This small change of numbers in the calculation of someone’s pay will go on to create a deep rooted inferiority level and will damage all areas of our culture and our world in ways that we can not measure. Some think that by this small action they are creating more advantages for their own group but what they don’t realise is that this small intervention will create an imbalance in the world. Just like when we all realised that the extension of bees would affect the entire eco system , creating inequality affects each one of us in a much bigger way.

Eventually it creates a culture where the priviledged race start thinking that the only reason a person of color would pursue a relationship with them, romantic or simply friendship, would be because of financial reasons.

This goes on to affect them when doing groceries, shopping, flights, recreation, hotels and every other area of their life and this started by someone simply adjusting the zero behind their pay check. So please open your eyes and make the change. Each one of us is responsible. You can not just systematically denigrate a certain group and think that will go unnoticed for eternity.
It broke my heart to realise all this. If one is asking to be heard and asking for change that is the least that can be done considering the generational damage that this has already caused. So please do not silent the noise of the cries of those who have been suffering from this inequality for generations. Educate yourself and learn from the mistakes of those that came before us so that we can build a better place for us and our future children and the generations to come.