by Tales of 2Timothy1.7

Everyone has probably heard the word location being placed in a threefold as if every marketing lecturer wanted to stress the importance of the notion of location by drilling it into his students that this is one of the keys in your quest to succeeding in your business and achieving your goals. 

I wrote about this concept a few years ago, but I guess I didn’t learn my lesson and so the Creator of all things put me back to square one, and therefore I feel the need to study this concept more closely and thus I will share with you my humble findings so far. 

Just like a plant, we soak in the nutrition of the place where we are planted. Which results to us becoming the fruit of the place where we are based.
Which is a good thing, if you are planted in a beautiful bright airy place where the light shines in and the water is pure.
But in the same way, being planted in the wrong place can be nefast to one’s growth capacity or ability to expand to one’s full glory of what God has intended for one’s life.

As you may know I moved as a young sprout all the way from the south to the Western world and after that I felt the need to move even further. Although I couldn’t always comprehend, I knew that the Creator of all things was directing me away from certain things that I didn’t even know about back then, towards places that I couldn’t even dream of. 

Although I was happy to live in a country where breakfast consisted of mango, avocado or papaya and the sky was so clear that you could count the stars every night; the Creator of all things knew that I needed to go to a country where the winters covered the landscapes in a blanket of white snow while the summers were fleeting moments of colourful pleasures because that is where I would fall in love with words and the concept of literature. 

Once here and having graduated to adulthood, I felt the need to explore further horizons which came with both a feeling of excitement and a little fear and uncertainty of the unknown.  

I once read that children who grew up without maternal affection from a young age, have a hard time letting go of things once they grow up. I guess that is why even though I was attracted to the idea of molding my own future while exploring new horizons, I had a hard time letting go of the thoughts of home, even though home never truly is a physical place as many would know. 

Being young, alone and in search of understanding what the Creator had put in me; I often found myself torn between “the new thing” that G-d was doing (Isaiah 43:19) and bouncing back to what was supposed to be my past. I guess it was my way of holding on to what I knew considering that the little me was a bit overwhelmed of the vast space that the unknown had started occupying in my life. 

But more and more I started to realise that there was a greater purpose to the places that G-d placed me and the places He was calling me to be. I would like to take you to a few passages in the scriptures where the importance of the right location is underlined as to show you that G-d make sure to carefully bring us to the exact place where He wants us to be, before we can fully be “About our Father’s business” (Luke 2.49). 

My life hasn’t always been a smooth canvas so far but this past year has been a true battle field. Which led me to often wonder why did I have to go through all these tribulations, for I believe in G-d and I will serve Him regardless of where I stand in life, so I didn’t understand the need of me being put in those trials. But as time passed by, what I understood is that I had to go through it so that the enemy would never frighten me again. You see if you have been through a place of darkness and walked through it to reach the light, you won’t be afraid if you ever faced darkness again in your life, because you know you made it through once and thus you will make it through this time as well. That fear of the unknown won’t paralyse you and not only that, your experience will allow you to be able to help others who are going through tough times and give them the tools that have helped you make it through so that they too can get a chance to reach the light at the end of their tunnel. 

A great story which depicts the perfect example of the importance of one’s location is the story of Moses.  When we look at the story of Moses we see that he was born in Egypt, then had to flee from there only to be called by G-d where he was to come back and take the people of G-d out of Egypt. Now think about it, G-d is G-d and could have perfectly taken an Israelite who was living in Egypt at that time to deliver the children of Israel, so why did He go and take someone who had left Egypt previously? Because G-d knew it was important to take someone who had walked the path before because that person know it is possible to leave the land of milk and honey face the desert before reaching the true promised land. But someone who had never left Egypt at that time, would have never had the courage to leave it when G-d would have called him to and much less to take a whole population and lead them through those trials, while they couldn’t see the promise yet, until they made it to their destiny. Therefore, each location, where Moses had lived, was of key importance for him to reach his ultimate goal in life.  

So if G-d calls you to leave your location, it is often not for an easy go-around; but it is probably if not always, because He is teaching you something that will be instrumental for you to reach your life’s purpose. That is why it is important to follow your hunger for the discovery of new horizons. Because if this is G-d’s will for you, it means that He is preparing you for something greater.
In general travelling and exploring new area’s teaches you so much more than you would be able to learn if you stayed in your safe cocoon the rest of your life. BUT let me underline the fact that one should ALWAYS seek G-d first and His will for one’s life before setting any move that will affect your life. Not everyone has to leave their hometown to be called by G-d, He is G-d, He can meet you where you are and uplift you even when you did not expect it. So do not leave to go elsewhere because others are doing so, stay where you are and seek Him first, work on whatever small thing it is that He has intrusted you with. When you do that, that is when He will start to open doors and if needed He will show you and guide you exactly where He wants you to be, sometimes He may even orchestrate events in such a way that when you are ready, everything is placed in front of you right where you are. 

Eventhough a location can stand as a training ground, in the scriptures we can also see that the right location signifies a great blessing from the Father. 

For this there is one key example in the scriptures, the story of Abraham. Abraham who represents the father of our faith, as he was the first one who truly believed in G-d. The remarkable thing about his story is that G-d would go and ask him to leave all that he had known to set route for the unknown. Genesis 12.1-2 states: “The Lord had said to Abraham, Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.” This is one of the most daring requests that one can receive, just take a moment to realise what kind of faith it requires to follow suit on this. But then G-d continues with the greatest blessing ever spoken over one single man:  “ I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you, I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing, I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curses you and through you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” This remarkable request requires a deep-rooted faith in order to walk this out. But as you can see, when G-d calls you out of your comfort zone it is for a great blessing eventhough it requires you to go through some time of dissertation where you have nothing but your faith to lean on before you finely see the promised land that G-d has for you, which in Abraham’s case was the land of Canaan, which is part of Israel, the promised land.  

The scriptures is full of stories that underlines the importance of the right location. We all know the story of Jonah (Jonah 1-4) . G-d gave him a specific request saying: “Go to the great city of Nineveh and preach against it, because its wickedness has come up before me.” But Jonah decided to run away from G-d, which resulted to G-d sending a great storm on the sea that almost broke the ship he was in, while heading to the opposite direction of where G-d had sent him. Eventually he obeyed G-d’s will and by preaching to the people of Nineveh, they were able to change from their wicked ways, fast and cry on to the Lord until He granted them mercy and the city was saved.   

This remarkable story, which in our times may sound like a fable, depicts perfectly the importance of going where G-d has called you to be, because this is not only important for you but also by leaning forward to G-d’s will for your life and going to the places He has called you to be, you open the door for others to be saved, this is depicted in pretty much every story in the scriptures from Abraham, to Moses, to Jonah and eventually to Jesus Christ. 

It takes a lot of courage to walk by faith and not by sight, to leave the familiar behind and set for the unknown but be encouraged by the stories here above and know that He who started a good thing in you will bring it to fruition until the day of Jesus Christ.