Gratitude for this Time of Fall Harvest

by Tales of 2Timothy1.7

I hope you have had a wonderful time celebrating with those around you the start of this year’s festivities.

This year I am first of all thankful for all of you who have joined me here on this writing journey. I love writing but didn’t mind keeping my writing to myself until I felt the need to share a few words of hope earlier this year and before I knew it, I was back on a role and have been grateful that the Father would reveal to me insights and understanding over certain scriptures that I could share with you.

Although this year has been a challenging one for pretty much all of us, I am especially grateful for everything it has thought me. I learned long time ago that adversities are lessons that are meant to direct you to the right path and this year I was able to learn so much from all that happened in the world and in my own life. I am grateful for the Father’s love, peace, kindness and wisdom that has preserved me and brought me through to this day.

I hope all of you have been able to find things to be grateful for even if the year hasn’t been the way we had hoped. If you are unsure of what to be thankful for, let me encourage you today to count your blessings and show gratitude for what this year has brought to you. It may not have been in the form of concrete gifts, it may be in form of lessons, but maybe these lessons were just what you needed to be able to navigate the great future that is ahead of you with grace.

Before closing I just want to say that the PLS Blog will be back up on running from next week on! I look forward to share with you more of my writings soon! See you then!