The Final Exodus

by Tales of 2Timothy1.7

  • Introduction

Dear Loved ones,

I am so excited to finally share this word with you. After receiving this word, and understanding this concept I was so excited, I jumped around, danced, cried and had all the feels like they would say in “good English”. Therefore I am very glad to finally share it with you.

As you know I had taken some time off from sharing these writings with you. As I was moving and couldn’t spend the time needed to prepare the writings the way I wanted to, I thought I’ll wait till everything is settled. Of course the 2020 experience made everything take longer than it usually would and the enemy has been throwing all kinds of adversities my way preventing me from preparing what I need to share with you.
Also I have to be honest I started doubting if I should share these things with you due to other’s people’s opinions. Meanwhile I have been shown the importance for all of us to learn from these writings and therefore I am sorry that I let the opinions of others influence my judgement and let my human experience come in between the task that the Divine Wisdom has untrusted to me.

You see in the old times it was a bit easier, one would see a burning bush and literally hear The Voice of G-d and of course they would go on with boldness proclaiming what He had declared. In our times, we are so soaked in our human experience which is limited by our basic senses of the visual and the hearing among other senses, that when the Holy Spirit speaks to us, it is a true battle to just accept and boldly exercise whatsoever one has been untrusted to. But the Father knows His creation and knows how to lead it.

While I thought I had taken some time off, the Father wouldn’t be the Great Intelligence that He is if He didn’t use this specific time to teach me so much of what I spent a great deal of my life trying to understand.

One of the great findings that I had was the understanding of the concept of Exodus. I now realise that this revelation is a precious one. Therefore I pray to the Father that He leads me in my writing and any kind of sharing of His Word, so that I only share what comes from Him the way He wants His children to receive it. My original plan was to share this with you part by part in a more detailed way but because of the events of the past few months, I decided to bring it in a concise text, so that you would at least know the main lines and the Devine Wisdom will guide each one of you on what you need to know and where you can find it for yourself in the scriptures.

  • Main text:
    • Understanding of the first Exodus

If you have been fortunate enough to read the scriptures for yourself than you know that Exodus, the second book of Moses, the Hebrew title of this work is Shemot , which is part of the “Old” Testament, (one should not call it old but rather FIRST part of the Testament with the New testament being the SECOND part of the Testament, because the so called old testament is as accurate and as present as you and I are in this time and era); with that being said; Exodus is the story of the Israelites, the children of G-d when G-d calls them to leave Egypt the land where they lived and worked as slaves for forty years to go through the desert to reach their promised land.

The first time I started studying this book was about two years ago. It is the most fascinating story in the bible, and every time I read it, I would learn new things and get a better understanding of the different concepts involved in this particular story.

I encourage each one of you to pick up your bible and or Torah and make it a point to read Exodus. Every child of G-d from the age of twelve should at least once a year read the five  books of Moses which are: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Everything you will ever need to know is collected in those five books, so make sure to read it whenever you can. These books are important because the scriptures says, they were dictated to Moses by G-d Himself. So it is not just a collection of human understandings but the Wisdom and Teachings of the Father Himself. Of course the Second Testament and story of the Son of G-d Jesus Christ who has redeemed all of us, is of key importance too because He is our saviour. So keep that knowledge and add to it the emphasis on the First part of the Testament as I have noticed that many of us, do not realise the importance of these five books, the beginning and the end of creation and all that lies in between is carefully collected in those five books, read them for yourself and the Father and His Devine Wisdom will guide you into understanding what you need to know for this next season.

With that being said, let’s get started on our subject of the day: the Final Exodus. Before understanding the Final Exodus one must start by knowing the First one first. Here is a brief recapitulation of the story:

Moses was called by G-d to go back to Egypt and deliver the children of Israel out of slavery and bring them to the promised land. G-d gave him specific instructions on what would happen and what to do then sent him on his way. Moses met up with his brother Aaron and went to Egypt. Once there, after a while he started the negotiations with the pharaoh to let the Israelites go. The scriptures says that G-d hardened the heart of pharaoh, resulting to Moses having to declare the ten plagues over Egypt which are: Blood, Frogs, lice or gnats, flies, livestock, boils, hail, locusts, darkness  and death of the first born of all who were not children of G-d, children of Israel.

What is remarquable is that although the children of Israel were still in Egypt more precisely in Goshen during those plagues, the scriptures says that they didn’t suffer any of the plagues themselves. So although it was present in the country where they were, because they obeyed what G-d told them to do through Moses, they were able to be saved from the harsh plagues that came over Egypt. After the tenth plague pharaoh agreed to let the children of Israel go. They left and spent forty years in the desert before reaching the promised land. During this time G-d performed great miracles to show that He was with them. He parted the red see and gave them manna, which is food, the provision they received every day while in the desert till they reached Canaan, which is located in Israel, the promised land. They received manna every day, except on Saturday which is the Sabbath (see my blog post on the Sabbath). (Please read the five books to understand the importance of the Sabbath, because the Sabbath is key). So on Fridays they received a double portion of the manna because on the Sabbath they were not allowed to “labour” which in this case was going out to collect manna; they had to stay in their house for this was the Lord’s day. During their time in the desert, the Israelites which are G-d’s chosen people, received the Laws from G-d Himself.   G-d gave them the Laws through Moses. The scriptures even says that seventy elders of Israel were able to meet with G-d and see Him in His majesty and even eat and drink with Him.
Which is one of the reasons why Israel has been called G-d’s nation; they received the Laws from G-d, seventy of their Elders saw and met with G-d, and of course because of Abraham who is the first man to has called on to G-d and obeyed His Word, he is our forefather in faith. The first father of the patriarchs, who are Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Although G-d had performed several miracles for the children of Israel, they still complained and even made man-made gods to glorify. Which the Father didn’t appreciate, resulting in severe punishments that took many lives. They then continued the journey through the desert, had even to fight a battle right before entering the promised land. Which they won. Eventually after a journey of forty years the children of G-d arrived in Canaan, Israel, the promised land.


To better understand the relation between the first and the final exodus; one should have a grasp of these terms first. So here is a brief explanation of the main elements discussed in this concept.

  • Slavery: the best way to describe slavery is anything that is connected to you and prevents you from accomplishing that which you were created to be, this can be physical, financial, , emotional or spiritual. Slavery here means living in sin, we might have inherited it through our parents or any other relatives, or due to our own doings; often we become so accustomed to it that we do not even realise it. It is a way of life that prevents us to fully enjoy G-d’s blessings up on our life.
  • Plagues: Are punishments from the Father to those who do not obey His Word. These punishments can take any form, from natural disasters to illnesses causing economic and social chaos. In the first Exodus these were blood, frogs, lice or gnats, flies, livestock, boils, hail, darkness and death of the first born of all who were not children of G-d, children of Israel (All who disobey the Law).
  • Desert: the characteristics of a desert are:
    • Place of uncertainty: When one talks about the desert, he knows that uncertainty is a major factor in it because you are mostly in dry land, and don’t know when you will reach a good pasture, you are unsure if it is safe which means that you will have to pray all through your desert period in order to make it to the promised land. Fear definitely falls under this uncertainty.
    • Limited provision: The children of Israel left Egypt with just a little bit of food but then had to call up on the Lord who then decided to give them manna. Often the limited provision that you get during your desert period is provided by G-d Himself. Not that He Himself will come down to feed you, but He will orchestrate events that will provide for you outside of the traditional way where you yourself have to go and labour for it. But one needs to pray and keep praying in order to get the manna, the provision needed to survive in the desert. Other beings may perish in the desert period but the children of G-d because they are protected by the Father because of their obedience to His Word, they receive provision which helps them to make it through.
  • Discomfort: This can go from a slight discomfort to true rocky times. Do not be surprised, the desert is a place of testing, so you will be confronted with your limitations, fears and all your weaknesses with the sole purpose to show you that one needs the Word of G-d in order to survive. Because you are being pushed way out of your comfort zone and during this period the enemy will tempt you to sin, on all the sins that may have been connected to you in the past. But one has to pray to ask the Holy Spirit to help them not to break G-d’s law in these times, because if you do, you will end up perishing during the times of testing so pray that you can make it through.
  • Laws: The desert is also the place where one find insights, the place where wisdom and law are given and where the word of G-d must be proclaimed.
  • Promised land: This is the place where you have always wanted to be, place of peace, abundant provision, health, wealth, joy and the presence and blessings of the Lord. The scriptures also gives a detailed description of the promised land at the end of the bible, the land of milk and honing.

Understanding of the Final Exodus:

Now some of you may have read some of my previous posts where I shared how I felt that I had been asking the Father for answers and guidance but did not receive an answer. While in the past I felt like G-d guided me through most of my decisions from where to live, where to work and where to go and not to go. But at this particular time which took a few months, I felt like there was just silence.

During this period of radio silence on my blog and having spent some intimate time reading the bible I found out that the Father was leading me through my own personal Exodus. As we look back to the story of the Israelites we can see that Exodus meant leaving slavery to reach the promised land, which is in the Holy scriptures as seen previously in Canaan the land of Israel.
Well I had been praying for my promised land a great deal of my life. Here the promised land is not so much a physical place as it is the ideology of how I wanted my life to be.

So first the Father waited till I was mature enough to be able to handle the journey through the desert. Here again not a physical desert but a period of time of uncertainty, where my financial, emotional and even physical security were taken away in some way and where I had to rely on nothing else but the grace of G-d to get through that desert period. And in that desert He reminded me the importance of living according to His Word. He has taken me physically and figuratively to church, sat me down and thought me all that I needed to know before blessing me to enter what I hope to be my promised land.

So this journey has taken my entire life up until now. The best way to put a time line on it would be; being born in freedom but then through circumstances and the inherited sin nature, landing up in “slavery”, again please understand these terms are not the literal terms of slavery that we know but more a way of life that accommodates short comings in such a way that we learn to live with it without seeing it as short comings until we are led through this desert where everything is stripped away from us leaving nothing but the Word of G-d and we are able to start a new life in our promised land.

Main text part II:

The Final Exodus is probably the most important subject that I have been able to share with you so far. It is a complex concept not so much because it is difficult to understand but more because in order to understand this particular notion , one has to extend the study through different areas.

Everything in our world is subjected to reciprocity, we see that the seasons come back every year and this has been the case since the beginning of time. Although we as human beings put much emphasis on time as in a notion of 24hours, the Creator however puts more importance on having a certain order, a certain follow up of things. Just as the days of the week are renewed each week, the seasons follow up on each other each year, so is the creation process or the time that humans spend on earth subjected to renewal. There is much to say about this, but I’ll keep it short because I want to give you as much information as possible about this concept in particular.

So everything is subjected to change and renewal and so does the human race. According to the scriptures, the world as we know it now will come to an end and we will move to a new dimension in manner of speaking where the past will be washed away to make room for the new. The scriptures give some information about this especially in the gospel of Matthew. The main lines are that the Messiah will come and the final judgement will take place and after that the sinners will be discarded and the children of G-d will be established in the promised land.
After studying Exodus for several months, the Devine Wisdom revealed to me the understanding that this “change” will happen in the same way as the Exodus took place. Not exactly the same way, but the main lines are relatable.

The world as we know it now is a world of sin, where many if not all, sin against the Lord. Because of our sin nature, this world has become for us as a land of slavery. Because sin impedes one from fully living and experiencing the blessings of G-d. So the Father decided that just as He did with the Israelites during the first Exodus, he will again perform several plagues, followed by a period where we will have to go through the desert before the final judgement and the consecration of the promised land.

I believe we have already entered the times of the plagues. With the current situation being the first one. You may have read in my previous writing where I briefly mentioned that we were in crucial times that symbolizes the characteristics of the end times, although we should not call it end times but mere the preparation of a new beginning. Just as the Father led the Israelites, our forefathers out of Egypt the first time He is leading us out of our life of slavery through sin nature this final time as well. And just as the first Exodus preceded by a series of plagues on those who were not living according to G-d’s will, this Final Exodus will operate in the same way. As we have seen hereabove and in the scriptures. Therefore this Exodus will have ten plagues as well. But the plagues are not identical to the first one. They will slightly differ but the essence remain the same.

As I mentioned hereabove in the first Exodus, that although the children of Israel were living in Egypt where the plagues took place, they were able to stay safe while the rest of the land suffered from those plagues because they were not living according to G-d’s Word. Again, by Egypt I mean the historical land in the times of pharaoh and Moses. So just as in the first Exodus the plagues will strike our land, in our case it will be a great deal of the world, but it will not harm the children of G-d.
Who are the children of G-d? All those who believe and declare that the G-d of Israel is the only G-d and who live according to His law and His written Word. I cannot explain to you how important this is. We have come to times where you do not want to gamble with your salvation, so only rely on the written Word; if it says no; than do not do that which the writings forbids. However, if it says that something has to be done a certain way, such as holding the Sabbath; one must imperatively apply these Laws and not make assumptions or change it slightly because it is more beneficial to them. We are in crucial times, whoever does not obey G-d’s law, will perish during those times of testing.

What does the Father expects from us in these times?

He expects from us to cleanse ourselves from all that is ungodly. The scriptures says that Moses told the Israelites to go to their houses, wash themselves, wash their clothes and get ready to meet the Lord the next day. They had to make themselves Holy just as the Father is Holy. Know that as long as you have air in your lungs right now, it means that the Father still gives you the opportunity to cleanse yourself so that you can be saved and meet Him, metaphorically speaking.
G-d is godly and therefore He wants His children, those who will go on to live in His Kingdom to be Holy just like He is. All that is not Holy, all that does not reflect His majesty here on earth, all that is not in line with His written Word, His commandment He will erase it out of the earth in the coming time before the Messiah does what needs to be done.

How do you cleanse yourself?

One needs to separate themselves from ALL that is ungodly. In case you have any doubt about the previous phrase, let me repeat it: One needs to separate themselves from ALL, and I mean ALL that is ungodly. If you have friends or family members who do not believe in G-d and live in an ungodly way, than they are part of the things that you need to separate yourself from. You can talk to them about G-d but if they deny Him, do not entertain them, do not argue with them, just distance yourself from them. If you do not do this it can cost your life.
G-d warned the Israelites saying: “ Do not defile yourselves in any of these ways, because this is how the nations that I am going to drive out before you became defiled. Even the land was defiled; so I punished it for its sin, and the land vomited out its inhabitants. But YOU MUST KEEP MY DECREES AND MY LAWS. The native-born and the foreigners residing among you must not do any of these detestable things, for all these things were done by the people who lived in the land before you, and the land became defiled. And if you defile the land, it will vomit you out as it vomited out the nations that were before you” Leviticus 18: 24-28.

Now, you may wonder what is unlawful, what is ungodly? The best part of the bible that describe this are the five books of Moses. Again, I highly recommend that every child of G-d reads the five books of Moses at least once a year. For all the Laws come from there, and one cannot be saved unless they know the Laws, accept it and live by it. If the Law says you shall not commit adultery, do not commit adultery. If the Word of G-d says, these are the “clean” animals and these are the “unclean” animals, one should not consume the unclean animals. If the Word says you shall not eat pork because it is an unclean animal than eating it is breaking the Law.
If the Word of G-d forbids something like in Leviticus 17: 10-12: “ I will set my face against any Israelites or any foreigner residing among them who eats (read consumes) blood, and I will cut them off from the people. For the life of a creatures is in the blood, and I have given it to you to make atonement for yourselves on the altar; it is the blood that makes atonement for one’s life. Therefore I say to the Israelites, “ None of you may eat blood (consume in any form) nor may any foreigner residing among you eat blood (or consume it in any form); then it means every child of G-d should stay far away from it whether it is given to you in gallons or in the smallest portion with a dance or with balloons or whatever, you do not go against the Written Word of G-d. One must follow the written Word and discard everything that is against it. G-d instructed the Israelites saying be HOLY because I your G-d am HOLY. This means that everything that is not holy will have to go. If the Word of G-d says you shall not work on the Sabbath, we should refrain ourselves from doing so, and for those who did not know, the Sabbath is on the seventh day of the week which is the Saturday, not “whenever we feel like it”. Keeping the Sabbath is a commandment from the Lord, breaking it can cost ones life see Numbers 15: 32-36. These are the crucial times, so please children of G-d do not play with your salvation, Jesus Christ’s task is not to take sinners into heaven His task is to represent the written Word of G-d and grant salvation for those who had sinned and repented and committed to never sin again. If one deliberately continues to sin, the scriptures notes that the Son of G-d will say: Depart from you breakers of my Father’s law. Matthew 7: 21-23. If you read this, and the Holy Spirit convicts you on any area then pray about it and see with your local church or congregation or by your own reading of the scriptures how you can cleanse yourself from it and start a new line. If you have anything in your house, jobs or churches or elsewhere that is not of G-d, then you should take those things out as soon as possible, they are not worth your salvation.

The Father has given us this time to cleanse ourselves and to show to Him that we are worthy to be saved and preserved. If you doubt whether G-d is capable of getting rid of a great amount of people look at what happened just last year, look at what happened in the times of Noah and add to it what happened in the first Exodus. I do not want to discourage you, but I need you to take this seriously. I don’t think that one should sugar-coat this because many lives depends on this.
I spoke to you in my previous writings about the parable of the ten virgins: Matthew 25. They were waiting on their groom, while waiting, five of them prepared for the coming of the groom and set their lamp and oil ready while the other five did not. When the groom finely came he took those who were ready and those who were not started looking for oil for their lamp but didn’t manage to go with the groom.
This is merely what is expected from us at this time. The Father expects us to get ready. If you have sinned in the past but are still alive now, it means that you may still have a chance to be saved through repentance in the name of Jesus Christ. Therefore you need to cleanse yourself from all that is ungodly and start living righteously for the coming of the Lord. Many great teachers, preachers have thought us on these subjects so I don’t need to go into details about this, just look it up or ask in your local church regarding repentance and forgiveness of sins and they will guide you to the right prayers. From there on do your best to live righteously and the Father will do the rest to protect you during theses times of testing.

The desert period and what does it mean for us:

It was about four months since I wrote a great deal of this text and when, I was thinking about the whole concept, the aspect of forty years kept on replaying in my mind and I wondered where else had I encountered this and then I realised that Jesus Christ the son of G-d Himself had to spend a period of forty days in the desert. After some searching in the scriptures I realised that the scriptures has several key occurrence of the notion of forty. One could interpret forty as the number of completion after a period of trial.

Although I still have to study the concept of time, what I know so far is that G-d doesn’t see time the way we do. For Him it is more important to have a certain synchronicity, a certain recurrence, a certain order than it is to have a concession of a 24hour day. So forty means a symbolic forty. That is why in the case of Jesus or Moses this forty is set in days while the children of Israel’s forty represents years.

In my humble comparison, I had to go through a period of forty weeks, that is the length from which I believe my desert period has taken. Although in my case, I think it was a bit more, but I’ll tell you more about this some other time.
In the same way the world will undergo a period of forty years, this is the desert period not the time in which the plagues will overtake the earth.
What we know about the time frame is that the Father specifically told us in Leviticus 25: 1-4 ” When you arrive in the promised land, Israel, you will hold the Sabbath, that will be your year I. Although the world has been using the Gregorian calendar with the birth of Jesus Christ as the start of the counting of the years; stating Anno Domini or the Year of the Lord as year 1, the Father told us to count the arrival in the promised land as year 1, with that year being a Sabbatical year. So the Father’s program regarding what happens on the earth operates according to the Hebrew calendar that has Nissan as the first month of the year. Please note that the understanding of the complete notion of the Sabbath is of key importance when it comes to analysing time and the period in which the Father is planning to do what needs to be done before the new beginning takes place.

Before analysing what this means for us let us first review some of the key forty’s in the bible.

Jesus Christ, the son of G-d Himself spent forty days in the desert. The desert as we have established previously is a place of limited provision, a place of testing and a place where one encounters and proclaims the Word of God. Even Jesus Christ went through all this. The scriptures speaks of forty days of fasting which indicates limited provision. Then the testing, which is stated as the enemy pushing Jesus Christ to do certain things such as asking Him to bow for him and worship him. To which Jesus replied “Away from me! For it is written: “Worship the Lord your G-d and serve Him only.” (Matthew 4: 1-11). The three answers that Jesus Christ gave when the enemy came to test Him were all taken from the First Testament. With this line coming straight from the commandments that G-d gave to Moses, the second Law states: “You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I the Lord your G-d, am a jealous G-d punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing love to a thousand generation of those who love me and keep my commandments.” Exodus 20:5. So the Son of G-d Himself shows us here that when the enemy comes to test you, you do not entertain him but fire back with the written Word of G-d.
After overcoming the testing, the scriptures states that the enemy left Jesus. And then the angels came to attend Him. In the same way it is expected from us that we know the written Word of G-D, by heart (don’t worry if you don’t know exactly where it is written in the scriptures). We need to know the Word so well that when the time of testing comes, and it will come, we are able to recite and arm ourselves against the tricks of the enemy. For he will come during the testing and present to you all that you have been craving for at that point but it is crucial for one to not entertain the enemy but instead be firm in confirming and affirming the Word of G-d. If you open up to the games of the enemy he will seduce you to walk away from G-d’s Word, and therefore lose your blessings as a child of G-d. You see the enemy will not come to test you when you are in the synagogue or in your church surrounded by your brothers in faith. He will wait till you are alone and are having a hard time and then will bring to you exactly that which your heart desires, but if you accept to receive and take something that is not of G-d; you will lose it all. Therefore it is of utmost importance that you know the Word of G-d and that you withhold yourself from sinning against it. Only when you have passed the testing you will be able to enter G-d’s presence.

Further research revealed to me that not only Moses but also the prophet Elijah fasted in the desert for forty years. If you know a bit about the Holy scriptures, than you must know that these three figures are the ultimate teachers and representation of G-d on earth for us. These three had great authority on earth because of their perfect obedience to G-d’s Word. So you see G-d’s chosen ones are the ones who have to go through the times of testing where they clearly proclaim the Word of G-d’ the Father before reaching their ultimate goal.

As I said before, everything is subjected to recurrence. The first time G-d performed a cleansing or purification of the world was in the times of Noah. Here the world had plunged into deep sin and Noah being the only man who obeyed G-d was granted life by the Creator and therefore he spared only his life and his family’s life allowing him to take one pair of each animal while the rest of the world perished during the flood. You see here, that even though men are G-d’s creation if they do not obey and live according to His word, he will not withhold himself from getting rid of whatever does not look like Him and start a new slate, Genesis 5.32-10. The cleansing of the world in Noah’s time took place in the form of a flood that took forty days. After the forty days Noah and his corps, were able to get out of the boat as the water dried up and start a new life in a clean and new world.

In the same way our desert period will be represented with the significant number of forty. The measuring unit of our forty is set in years, which means forty years of a desert period just like the Israelites went through during the first Exodus. But before you set your calendars ready, note that the period before the forty years of the first Exodus was characterised by the plagues. So first the world will undergo the ten plagues, which officially starts in March-April this year. As said previously the time frame is counted from the Hebrew calendar, not the Gregorian calendar. One must know as well that the Lord will make the days and nights shorter in order to allow us to make it through these times; probably in a few years we will change our time counting from 24h to less than that. So the next decades will go by more quickly than the previous ones. Just so you know it is less then 100 years, but there is still a few decades to go; therefore everything you do from now on is of crucial importance.
I would like to add that the time frame of the forty years is subjective. Let me explain: Although the number forty is underlined in the scriptures several times, we also know that the reason why the children of Israel had to spend forty years in the desert is because of their unbelief that G-d would be able to help them prevail against the Canaanites, Hittites, Jebusites and Amorites Numbers 13:25 – 14:10. So although the time frame is subjected to some nuances, the events however will take place just as described in the scriptures although they are adapted to our time and age. So the only certitude that we have is in the consecutiveness of these events before the world as we know it makes place for the new.

Normally I would say this is my text and one should not share this information; but because of the times we are going into; it is imperative that All children of G-d, the twelve tribes, know this so that they can save their own lives and those who are connected to them. So we need to share this with everyone who believes in the G-d of Israel. We need to see this as the Father’s way to get us ready for what’s to come so that we can brace ourselves and survive the great battle that the world will face in the coming decades. If you did not know this, you wouldn’t understand what will come in the coming years; but now that you know this I expect you to prepare for it: increase your knowledge of the Word of G-d, create strategic prayers for yourself, your family, your congregation or social groups. Praise the Lord on a daily basis, make it your habit to call up on Him and pray several times a day. Although what we will face from this year on will be severe, the Father has granted us wisdom and power to overcome anything that will stand in our way. Know that the Father has granted us the authority to cast out evil spirits, to bless and heal each other through prayers. A man can bless and heal his wife and the other way around, and parents will be able to bless and heal their children. But you will only be able to exercise this authority of healing through the Word of G-d if you first know and live by it. If you do not obey his Word the way it is written in the Torah and or bible, when you will pray for healing the Father will tell you that you turned your back on His Word and therefore He turns His back on you. Therefore live according to G-d’s commandments and do not break G-d’s Laws.
Do not be afraid for what’s to come because even though the enemy will be more present on earth than ever before, the Father’s Presence will be with us and He has given us the Holy Spirit who will lead us and protect us and let us perform miracles in the name of the Lord and we have been granted the authority to cast out those poor spirits anyway. So one must imperatively learn – know – and live according to the written word of G-d. Prepare yourself, prepare your families by praying and studying the Word of G-d. May The Father, the Creator of all things, the G-d of Israel, G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob be with us, protect us and guide us in everything that we do. Know that all things work and will work together for our good.