The incredible world of the

The incredible world of the

When I was young I used to be one of those who wondered why we had to get some of those classes. I often sat there questioning myself why do I need a Pythagoras’ theorem if I’m not planning to be an architect, why do I need history if I’m not going to be archaeologist and why do I need to study about vegetation and animals cause I wanted to save people and didn’t care about the rest.

I used to be one of those who went to school because I had to not because I believed there was something for me to learn out there. It wasn’t till lately that I started to realize the importance of a lifelong learning. Learning is so much more than just opening a book and memorizing some lines. Lately I’ve been spending hours and hours each day on the internet reading books, viewing speeches, PowerPoint’s; studying new theories. Every time I find something, I get more curious and want to know more and more. I study the subject and this brings me to something new. A while ago I through my TV out, but that’s another story. Now, instead of spending my evenings in front of a TV I enjoy surfing on the internet and discovering new things.

We live in this incredible era where people can find information about any subject they want. You can find information about every country, every president, the writer of this or this book, this song, that photography, this religion or that idea. Everything is out there for us to grab. I found this fascinating. So fascinating that I can’t understand that some people still can spend a whole evening watching TV. Because I believe TV is only a selection of what’s out there. Why would you like to spend all your time watching what others have preselected for you while you can go on the and find out for yourself about every subject that you are passionate about?

I think it’s amazing, as for the first time in history there are no boundaries (in general) of the information you can acquire. Yes, you need to be selective and precautious, it’s not because someone put a document out there about Stone Age e.g. that you have to go on believing that’s the only truth. You can look for more information, search through different sources and be critical about all the information you receive. Because even though internet has become the biggest library out there, you still have to be careful with the information you receive, but that should be the case with every source.

What I’m trying to say is, for the first time in my life, I’ve found myself eager to learn and study. I found myself attracted to this because it’s out there, you can watch it, read it or listen to it. The internet  is one of man’s greatest invention and we should use it more instead of grasping ourselves in front of the tv. Don’t get me wrong, too much of anything can be harmful and I believe that television has its charms. It is cozy watching TV with your family in the evening, but just don’t waste your whole evening on it while you can go out there finding information about the things you are passionate about.