Give your fully 100% to everything you do

by Tales of 2Timothy1.7

Often when we are in a job, we tend to think that we are working under a boss that don’t really see what we are doing so it’s ok to do this or do that or it’s ok to stop working 15minutes before your due time and starting closing your files or checking your social media status. We often tend to dwell on those poor behaviours that we don’t realise that this is what’s holding us back from what we are supposed to do and more important what we are supposed to become.

Two or three years ago I read this book, although the book was based on other principals and other theories that were very important. One of the things that really got my attention is what the author said about the fact that you don’t have to go to work thinking that you are working under a boss; you have to go to work with the mentality that You are the boss. That the whole company depends on you, that you have to be there on time to get everything started and have to be the last one out to make sure that everything is finished and closed correctly. That you have to give your job all the time required; and your fullest attention.

You see often when people want to build something on their own they think the best time is to work on it while being at their current job; taking the time that they are supposed to be working for someone else to deal with their personal business, but that’s not how it works.

If you want to succeed in life you have to act like you’re the boss right where you are. I don’t say that you have to go to your boss and say give me your seat and your large office, I’ll be running it from now on, -no- (cause then it might be your last day on the job). What I’m saying is you have to be despicable. You have to dress yourself as if you were going to get an award for what you’re doing, you have to walk in there as if you own the whole thing (not as if your mum just dragged you out of your bed), you have to talk with confidence as if you knew how to run this whole thing. You see, you have to start being great where you are before opportunities come knock at your door to bring you where you want to be.

That’s why it’s often those who go the extra mile in a job that ends up getting a better position or even greater, moving to greater things or starting their own companies. I know that there are also those who will act like, and do as if, but when it comes to it won’t put the extra mile to achieve something because their heart isn’t in to it. Don’t let yourself be that person. Even when no one is watching, even when it’s just to finish that one file that will go back to the closet and no one will see it, make sure that everything you do, you are proud of it. That you know you’ve given it your very best what concerns time and effort.

And you know what, it’s fine if you are not the best, it’s ok if e.g. you work in a sales position but you are not the one getting the most deals. That’s ok as long as what you give out is the very best of yourself. Because life won’t measure you up to others and say because you weren’t the best salesperson you won’t be able to achieve much in life –No-! It’s because you gave out the very best of yourself with what you had that you will get the best that there is. Don’t go compare yourself to others and think; well they always do much better than me so I’ll just go to work and just act like I’m doing something and no one will ever know. No-Stop-Don’t!

Go out there and give the best of yourself where you are at any time. If you are the cleaning lady of this big huge hotel, well make sure that when they all get to their rooms they see that you’ve passed through. If you are the one cutting the plants, putting the flowers or cutting the trees well make sure that it shows. If you are the one cleaning the toilet make sure that they can eat from the floor. If you are the one sitting on that desk and just answering the phone the whole day long make sure that every person you talk to remembers that warm heartfelt voice of yours with which you picked up the phone and hang up at the end of the conversation, and yes éven when someone calls 2minutes before you leave the office. Just give it the best with whatever you do, your colleagues may not notice it but have patient as you give out your best in the little things, the bigger and much greater things will find their way to you and just as you succeeded with the smaller tasks given to you; you will excel in the big ones aswell. Your future is in front of you and start right where you are. So tomorrow when you go to your workplace remember you are not working for someone else, you are working for a great boss, the greater you. How great are you willing to be?